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Friday, September 2, 2016

Most Frequently Asked JIRA Interview Questions Ans Answers.


Most Frequently Asked JIRA Interview Questions Ans Answers. Latest JIRA Interview Questions Wiith Answers For Freshers. Commonly Asked JIRA Interview Questions For Freshers And Experienced. Sample JIRA Interview Questions And Answers.

1) Explain what is JIRA?

JIRA is an issue tracking product or a software tool developed by Atlassian, commonly used for bug tracking, project management and issue tracking; it is entirely based on this three aspects.

2) Explain what is a workflow?

Workflow is defined as a movement of the bug/issue through various stages during its life-cycle

WIP ( Work In Progress)
3) What can be referred as an issue in JIRA?

In JIRA, an issue can be anything like a

Software bug
The project task
A help-desk ticket
The leave request form
4) List out the source control programs with which it integrates?

It integrates with source control programs such as CVS, Git, Subversion, Clearcase, Visual SourceSafe, Mercurial, and Perforce.

5) Why use JIRA?

The reason behind using JIRA is

Upfront and fair licensing policy
Features that is not available elsewhere
Get latest update on the progress of projects
It run anywhere and recognized with many famous companies
Easily extensible and customizable
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6) Is it possible to access JIRA cloud site via a mobile device?

Yes, it is possible to access JIRA cloud site via a mobile device. You have to just use the URL of the JIRA cloud site in your mobile web browser.

7) Can you disable JIRA mobile for the site?

You can disable JIRA mobile for the site, so that users can be unable to operate the desktop view of JIRA on their mobile device.  JIRA mobile comes as a system add-on and can be disabled any time.

8) Explain labelling and linking issue in JIRA?

Labelling Issue: It enables you to categorize an issue in a more informal way than assigning it to a component or version. You can then search issues according to label.
Linking Issue: This feature enables you to link an association between two issues on either on the same or different JIRA servers.
9) Mention the types of reports generated in JIRA?

JIRA offer reports that show statistics for projects, versions, people or other fields within issues.  Various reports included with JIRA are

Average Age Report
Pie Chart Report
Resolution Time Report
Recently Created Issues Report
Resolved vs. Created Issues Report
Single Level Group by Report
Time Tracking Report
User Workload Report
Workload Pie Chart Report, etc.
10) Explain what is Cloning an Issue?

Cloning as issue allows you to create a duplicate of the original issue so that many employees can work on a single issue within a single project. The clone issue can be connected to the original issue.  A clone issue holds following the information

Issue Type
Components, etc.
11) Mention what things are not included in cloned issue in JIRA?

Time tracking
Issue history
12) Explain what is the use of “Move Issue” wizard in JIRA?

The move issue wizard enables you to specify another project in your JIRA instance. Move wizard permit you to change certain attributes of an issue like

Issue Type: If your issue is a custom issue type and does not occur in your target project, you must choose a new issue type for your issue
Issue Status: If you have assigned your issue as a custom issue status and it does not exist in your project, you must select a new issue status for your issue
Custom Fields: If you have determined required custom fields for your issue, which do not occur in the target project, you must set values for them.
13) How security setting is helpful in JIRA?

JIRA’S security setting restricts the access to the issue to only those person who is allowed to work on the issue or a member of the chosen security level. Security level of an issue can be set either when the issue is created or when the issue is being edited

14) Explain how you can share an issue with other users?
You can email an issue by using the share option in JIRA. You can also email other JIRA users a link to the issue by sharing the issue with them or by mentioning them in an issue’s Description or Comment field.

15) Explain how you can modify multiple bulk issues?

To modify multiple bulk issues, you can use Bulk Change option from the “Tools” menu of the navigator.  All the issues on the current page can be selected for the bulk operation.  The following list details the available bulk operations like

Workflow Transition
16) Explain how you can disable mail notification for Bulk Operations?

To disable mail notification for a particular Bulk Operations, you have to de-select the “Send Notification” checkbox in the bulk operation wizard.

17) What does an issue change history include?

Issue change history includes

Deletion of a comment
Deletion of a worklog
Creation or deletion of an issue link
Attachment of a file
Changes to an issue field
18) Explain what does the three color indicates tracking times or duration for an issue?

Three color will be displayed representing the amount of time spent behind the issue

Original Estimate (Blue): The amount of time originally estimated to resolve the issue
Remaining Estimate(Orange): The remaining amount of time left to resolve the issue
Time Spen or Logged (Green): The amount of time spent so far while resolving the issue

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