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Friday, September 2, 2016

Latest SOAP UI Interview Questions Wiith Answers For Freshers.


Latest  SOAP UI Interview Questions With Answers For Freshers. Most Frequently Asked SOAP UI Interview Questions Ans Answers. Sample SOAP UI Interview Questions And Answers.

1) Explain what is SOAP UI?

SOAP UI is a free, open source cross-platform functional testing solution.  It enables you to rapidly and easily create and execute automated regression, compliance, functional and load tests.

2) Explain what is the role of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI in web services?

Web services are a medium through which web based application can be integrated or communicated over an internet protocol backbone. Web based application can be integrated using XML, SOAP, UDDI and WSDL. SOAP is used for transmitting the data; WSDL is used for describing or relating the services, UDDI is used for listing what services are accessible, XML is used to tag the data.

3) Mention what SoapUI can do?

SoapUI can-

It can do automated testing like load tests, scenario-based tests and data driven tests
It has got built-in reporting abilities
It has got unique ability to impersonate web services and run functional and load test against them even before they are executed

4) Mention how SoapUI is used to structure functional tests?

SOAP UI uses three levels to structure functional tests

TestSuite: It is a pool of test cases used for combining functional tests into logical units
TestCase: It is a group of test steps that are bring together to test some specific aspect of your services. You can augment any number of testcases to test suites
TestSteps: They are “building blocks” of functional tests in SOAPUI. They together makes TestCase and determines the flow of execution of the service to be tested

5) Mention what is the difference between REST and SOAP?

SOAP: Soap stands for Simple Object Access Protocol and it is a protocol used for receiving and sending data over HTTP as XML
REST: It is a way of designing a web services.
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6) Explain what is the properties in SoapUI?

Properties in SOAPUI is used to retrieve and store data.  The data is stored as key, value or format.

7) Explain where you use properties in SoapUI?

We can read the property values into test step endpoint, username, header values, password, domain, POST, PUT, GET and DELETE method properties.

8) Mention what languages does SoapUI use?

SOAP UI supports two language, Groovy, and JavaScript.

9) Mention what are the default properties in SOAPUI?

By default, SOAPUI has properties at three levels

Project level default or custom properties: User can append any number of properties at project level and it can be opened from any test steps from any test cases under any test suites
Test suite level default or custom properties: User can append any number properties at test suite level and it can be used from any test steps from any test cases under this test suite
Test case level default or custom properties: At test case level users can add any number properties at test case level and it can be used from any test steps from this test case

10) Explain how you can parameterize the endpoints in SOAP UI?

To parameterize the endpoints in SOAP UI is most important as it is the first step in automation testing.  It is more time consuming for changing endpoints manually.  In order to do that

Define a project property holding the endpoint
Change the endpoint to use this property via property expansion
Ensure that your requests are availing the configured endpoint
When a request is run, the property will inevitably be with its current value. To use a different value just configure the endpoint in the UI, you can use the P option from the command line

11) Mention what is the general format for reading the custom or default property value?

The general format for reading the custom or default property value is ${#levelname#key}

12) Inside the SOAPUI where groovy script can be used?

Inside the SOAPUI groovy script can be used in two places

Groovy script test step
Script Assertion- within test step

13) Mention some important functionalities of SOAP UI?

Some important functionalities of SOAP UI are:

It creates a new project using only the web service WSDL link; it will get the information of all methods and import them automatically
It creates test cases directly from the web method request
It tests web methods in combination or separately. It has a very useful capability which allows datas and parameters to be passed from one method to another.  It enables you to save data in variables so other methods can access it
It enables creating validations on the web method results through assertions; the assertion can be created either in X-path or X-query
It helps in creating other types of validations like schema compliance, soap fault, response time etc.
It enables organizing the test cases in test suites
It enables running all test cases from a test suite and getting fail/pass results for each test case
It enables parameterization of the test cases request fields so that a test case can avail different values from a table or database
Using groovy it enables creating complex validation scripts
It has some support for web service load testing
It has some support for testing coverage and requirements management

14) Explain what assertion is in Soap UI is and give some example of assertion possible in SOAPUI?

In SOAP UI assertion functionality is used to validate the response of request received by the Test Steps at the time of execution.  It is used to compare a part of message to some expected value.

Assertion types in SOAPUI includes

Simple contains
Schema compliance
Simple not contains
Soap Faults
Response SLA
XPath Match
XQuery Match
WS security status
Script Assertion
WS- Addressing Request or Response Assertion

15) Does SoapUI support SSL Authentication

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