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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Top 20 Mobile Testing Interview Questions with Answers.


Top 20 Mobile Testing Interview Questions with Answers.Latest Mobile Testing Interview Questions with Answers . Latest Mobile Testing  Interview Questions and Answers. Most Frequently Asked Mobile Testing  Interview Questions And Answers.

1) Explain what is the difference between Web testing and WAP testing?

    WAP Testing: It is the testing the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) used in network applications
    Web Testing: It is related mainly to the testing of web applications such as websites and portals

2) List out some of the automated mobile testing tools?

For mobile testing, two kinds of automation tools are available to test mobile apps

    Object based mobile testing tools: Jama solution, Ranorex,
    Image based mobile testing tools: RoutinBot, Egg Plant, Sikuli

3) Explain what is the difference between simulator and emulator?

    Simulator: It is an electronic network simulation equipment or a base station equipment for CDMA/CMA mobile phones. It helps in latching home networks without roaming services and can make Voice; Data calls, SMS,

    Emulator: It is a software to test mobile application without a live handset

4) List out the types of mobile app testing?

The types of mobile app testing includes

    Usability testing
    Compatibility testing
    Interface testing
    Services testing
    Low-level resource testing
    Performance testing
    Operational testing
    Installation tests
    Security testing

5) Mention what is the Android testing strategy?

The standard Android testing strategy must include the following test

    Unit Test
    Integration Test
    Operation Test
    System Test

6) Explain Android testing framework?

Android testing framework includes three segments

    Application Package: It is the target application that requires to be tested
    Instrumentation TestRunner: It is a test case runner that runs test cases on target application. It includes an SDK tools for building test and a tool that provides APIs for writing program that control an android device, for example, MonkeyRunner
    Test Package: It includes two classes, Test case classes, and Mock objects. Test case classes include test methods to perform on target application, while mock object includes mock data that will be used as sample input for test cases.

7) List out the best practices for Android Testing?

    Developer should prepare the test cases at the same time when they are writing the code
    Together with source code all test cases should be stored
    Use continuous integration and execute tests every time the code is changed
    Avoid using rooted devices and emulators

8) Mention what are the common bugs found while mobile testing?

    Critical: Your phone system crash when testing particular feature in your device
    Block: Unable to do anything though phone is on unless you reboot your device
    Major: Unable to perform a function of a particular feature
    Minor: Under minor bugs usually GUI bugs fall.

9) Explain what is Robo-electric testing framework?

Testing done on Android Testing Framework for emulators or device is difficult.  Running and building test case sometimes takes lots of development effort.  Robo-electric framework allows you to run Android test directly on JVM without the need of a device or an emulator.

10) Explain how A/B testing is done for ios app?

A/B testing for ios includes three steps

    Configure a test: It prepares two versions of your iOS app (A&B) and test metric
    Test: Tests two iOS versions above on devices simultaneously
    Analyze: It select and measure better version to release

11) While performing end to end mobile testing what are the major criteria, you have to take in consideration?

    Application launching without having network
    Uninstallation of app
    Orientation of app if it supports
    Testing application performance on a different kind of devices and network scenarios
    Testing the application response how it is responding

12) List out the features does monkey tool provides?

Monkey tools provide features like

    Basic configuration options
    Operational constraints
    Event types and frequencies
    Debugging options

13) Mention what should be the selecting criteria for Test Automation Tool for mobile Testing?

For mobile testing, the test automation tool should have following criteria

    Multi-platform support: Ensure that the tool does support your current and future target platform
    Script Usability: Object-based tools provides a high degree of the script usability
    Jailbreak Requirement: If the tool uses rooted devices, it may not support latest OS version and may be incompatible with MDM policies
    Source Code Changes: Sharing source code may not be possible always
    Lead time for New OS version: How soon tool can support new iOS/android/other OS version

14) When to choose automation testing and when manual testing?

Manual Testing

    If the application has new functionality
    If the application requires testing once or twice

Automate Testing

    If the regression tests are repeated
    Testing app for complex scenarios

15) List out the most common problem that tester faces while doing mobile testing in Cloud Computing?

Challenges that tester faces while doing mobile testing are

    Subscription model
    High Costing
    Internet connectivity issues
    Automation is image based and time-consuming
    Automation cannot be used outside the framework

16) Explain what does mobile security testing includes?

Mobile security testing includes

    Checks for multi-user support without interfering with the data between them
    Checks for access to files stored in the app by any unintended users
    Decryption or Encryption method used for sensitive data communication
    Detect sensitive areas in tested application so that they do not receive any malicious content

17) List out mobile App testing?

    Testing in all web browsers
    Browsers very significantly across the devices
    May support xHTML,HTML,WML,AJAX
    Difficulty in Benchmarking the performance due to highly fragmented Market
    Emulators do not capture all the attributes or characteristics of a device
    Implementation of the specification may not be consistent across vendors and devices
    In some situation, transcoder may not respect user experience factors

18) Explain what is port testing?

This testing is done to test the same functionality on different devices with different platforms. It is classified into two categories

    Device Testing
    Platform Testing

19) List out some iPhone and iPad testing tools?

    iPhone tester: Test your web interface in an i-phone sized frame
    Mobile Testing: It is a test automation tool used with native and hybrid ios application
    iPad Peek: Test your web application using an iPad interface
    Test Studio: It enables you to record, build and run automated tests for your iPad and iPhone applications.

20) Explain how you can install SD card in emulator?

To install SD card in emulator, you have to use the command
MKsdcrd –I mySDCard 1024M mySdCardFile.img

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