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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Top 25 Quality Center Interview Questions With Answers.


Top 25 Quality Center Interview Questions With Answers. Latest HP Quality Center Interview Questions For Freshers And Experienced. Most Frequently Asked Quality Center Interview Questions And Answers.

1. What is Quality Center?

Quality Center is a product of HP known as HP QC or Quality Center or HP ALM (application Lifecycle Management) tool. It is a web based test management tool which supports various phases of software development life cycle. It helps in improving application quality with more effective implementation of a project and it is cost efficient too.

2. What are the benefits of using Quality Center?

Quality Center is simple and one of the best test management tool. Its benefits are:

1.It can be accessed through an IE browser.
2.Project database of a test can be maintained by QC.
3.It can be integrated with HP testing tools like QTP and Load Runner. It is also compatible with third party tools.
4.It helps in effectively executing test sets, collecting results and analyzing data.
5.It helps in monitoring defects closely.
6.QC can be linked to an email system which provides an easy way to share defect tracking information.
7.It can be used for creating reports and graphs which helps in analyzing test data.
8.It supports virtual environments like Citrix XenApp 6.0 and VMware ESX 5.0.

3. What is the first & latest version of Quality Center?

Quality Center 8.0 is the first version and Quality Center or ALM 12.0 is the latest version.

4. Explain the modules of Quality Center?

The Quality Center modules are:
1.Release Module: Allows us creating a project release. Each release can have multiple cycles.
2.Requirement Module: Allows us in managing requirements like what we are testing, what are the requirement topics and items and what are the analyzing requirements.
3.Test Plan:  Allows us to write test cases for the requirements in a hierarchical tree-structure.
4.Test Resources: Allows us in managing test resources. Tests resources can be associated with tests.
5.Test lab: Allows us to run tests and analyze the results.
6.Defect Module: Allows us to log all the failed test cases results.
7.Dashboard: Allows us to create graphs and reports.

5. How many built in tables does Quality Center have?

There are six built in tables:

1.Test Table
2.Test Step Table
3.Test Set Table
4.Run Table
5.Defect Table
6.Requirement Table

6. How many types of reports and graphs are there in Quality Center?

Reports and graphs can be generated any time and in each and every phase with QC module during the testing process by using default or customize settings like requirement, test plan, test lab or defect module. We can also get summary and progress reports.

7. Which types of database are used in Quality Center?

When a Quality Center Project is created we have to store and manage the data generated and collected by Quality Center. Each and every project is supported by a database that is used to store project information. The following database applications are used to store and manage Quality Center information:
•Oracle Standard/Enterprise Edition
•Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (SP2).

8. How does u control the access to a QC project?

We need to specify the users and the privileges for each user.

9. How many types of tabs are there in Quality Center?

Following types of tabs are available:
1. Requirement: Helps in tracking the customer requirements.
2. Test plan: Helps in designing the test cases and to store the test scripts.
3. Test lab: Helps in executing the test cases and track the results.
4. Defect: Helps in logging a defect and to track the logged defects.

10. What are the different edition for HP QC or HP ALM?

The different edition of HP QC/ALM includes:
•HP ALM essentials:It is used by the corporates that need the basic features for supporting their entire software life cycle.
•HP QC enterprise edition:It is used by corporates more commonly who use ALM more testing purposes, also provides integration with UFT
•HP ALM performance center edition:It is best suitable for organizations who would like to use HP ALM to drive HP-Loadrunner scripts. It helps the users to manage, maintain, execute, schedule and monitor performance tests.

11. What is the difference between Test Director and Quality Center?

Quality center is the advanced version of Test Director. It has more features than Test Director.

12. Do we have programming interface in Quality Center?

No, we don’t have programming interface in Quality Center.

13. What is the difference between Quality Center and Bugzilla?

Quality Center is a test management tool which supports various phases of software development life cycle whereas BugZilla is Defect Management tool only.

14. What is meant by test lab in Quality Center?

Test lab is a functionality of Quality center using which we execute tests. We create test trees and add tests to those trees and placed them under test plan in a project. These tests then needs to imported in the Test lab module where Quality center executes them.

15. How can we import test cases from Excel to Quality Center?

To import test cases from Excel to Quality Center:
1.We need to Install and Configure the Microsoft Excel Add-In for Quality Center.
2.Need to Map the Columns present in the Excel with Columns in Quality Center.
3.Export the data from Excel using “Export to Quality Center option” in Excel.
4.Check for the errors if any.

16. How can we export the file from Quality Center to Excel/Word?
A file can be exported from any of the following tab in excel or word format.
1.Requirement tab: 1.Right click on main Requirement
2.Click on export
3.Save as word, excel or other template.

2.Test plan tab:  1.Select a test script.
2.Click on the design steps tab.
3.Right click anywhere in the window
4.Click on export and save as.Note: Only individual test can be exported. No parent child export is possible.

3.Test lab tab:  1.Select a child group.
2.Click on execution grid.
3.Right click and save in excel or other format.

4.Defects Tab: 1.Right click anywhere in the window.
2.Export all or selected defects.
3.Save them in excel sheet or any other format.

17. What is Business Component?

Business component is used for Business Process testing known as BPT. Business component provide script free environment for creating tests.

18. How to use QTP as an automation tool in Quality Center?

Using QTP add-in in Quality Center we can use QTP as an automation tool.

19. How to switch between two projects in Quality Center?

There is difference in switching between two projects in Quality Center 9.0 and above and in other versions.

QC 9.0:- Select Tools then Change Projects and Select Project.

Other versions: Log-off and log-in again.

20. What is Coverage status?

Percentage of testing covered at a given time is known as Coverage status. It helps in tracking project status.

21. Explain the architecture of HP-ALM?

HP ALM has following components:
1.HP ALM client.
2.ALM server/Application server.
3.Database servers.

22. What are the components of Dashboard Analysis?

The dashboard analysis has two components.
•Analysis View which contain analysis tree.
•Dashboard View which contains dashboard tree.

23. What types of requirements can be added to test cases in Quality Center?

There are two types of requirements can be added to test cases in Quality Center:
Parent Requirements which covers high level functions of the requirements
Child Requirements which covers low level functions of the requirements.

24. What is Sprinter in HP-ALM?

Sprinter provides automated environment to execute various manual testing tasks. It offers advanced tools which helps in easy execution of testing tasks.

25. How to use Quality Center in real time project?

Following are the steps to use Quality Center in real time project.
1.Complete the preparation of test cases.
2.Export the test cases into Quality Center and Load them in the test plan module
3.Move the test cases from test plan tab to the test lab module.
4.Execute the test cases and check for the results
5.If we got any defects and raise the defects in the defect module.

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