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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bosch Total Technical And HR Interview Questions.


Bosch Total Technical And HR Interview Questions. Latest Bosch Interview Questions For Freshers And Experienced. Bosch Latest Online Test Papers. Most Frequently Asked Bosch Interview Questions.

Technical Interview:

  1. What is internal size of RAM, ROM in 8051?
  2. Tell us a File operation in C language with an illustrated example.
  3. What is the difference between i=10 & i==10?
  4. What is silicon BJT circuit ?
  5. Compare DTL and TTL families of digital ICs
  6. What is job of loader in compiler?
  7. Draw and explain Architecture of microcontroller 8051?
  8. What is the SPI Protocol?
  9. Define Zener diode.
  10. Can you execute bit Array in C language.
  11. Differentiate S-R and J-K flip flops.
  12. Explain the working of a prime no. series generator in C.

HR Interview:

  1. How did you come to know about Robert Bosch?
  2. What inspires you to join Bosch?
  3. Tell me about a time when you made a bad decision.
  4. What major problem have you had to deal with recently?
  5. What are your short-term goals?
  6. How do you evaluate success?
  7. What changes would you make at your college?
  8. What are your favourite subjects in your graduation and why?
  9. Tell me about a time when you prioritized the elements of a complicated project.
  10. Tell us your weaknesses which make you a less desirable candidate.
  11. Tell me something about yourself.
  12. Whom do you consider your role model?
  13. Where do you want to be ten years from now?
  14. If you had to live your life over again, what would you change?
  15. Are you a team player?
  16. Tell me about a time when you surmounted a major obstacle.
  17. Tell me about a time when you were creative in solving a problem.
  18. Do you feel that you have diBoschpointed your parents?
  19. Why do you have a drop in your academic performance?

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