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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wipro Test Paper,Technical Interview Questions, HR Interview Questions.


Wipro Test Paper,Technical Interview Questions, HR Interview Questions. Wipro Latest Placement Papers. Wipro Interview Questions Updated. HR Interview Questions Of Wipro.

1. Aptitude Test:

Totally 50 qns. Math - 20 qns, Verbal - 20 qns, Technical - 10 qns. Each qn carries one mark. No negative marks. Plus we were askd to write an essay ( 

Topic: How can India unleash its innovative and entrepreneurship potentials)
Totally 60 mins. 

Essay - only 10 mins, remaining 50 mins - those 50 qns

Math - the qns asked to me were from these topics: time & distance, time & work, boats & streams, ratios & proportions, percentages, sequences & series
Verbal - analogies, synonyms & antonyms, arrange the sentences in the logical order (4 sentences were jumbled and given), assumptions, inferences, relations
Technical - general awareness about computers, output to a given C program (6 out of 10 qns were of this type)

Few Written Test Questions:

1. In 1999, Ram reads 19 books that are either French or English books. In 2000, he reads twice the no. of French books as English books. If 60% of the books that he read in the two years are French, how many books did he read in 2000?

a. 48 b. 41 c. 29 d. 37

Soln. How I solved this qn is....
let the no. of French books that Ram reads in 2000 be x.
=> the no. of English books that he reads in 2000 is 2x.
Total no. of books he reads in 2000 = x + 2x = 3x
=> the no. of books he reads in 2000 SHOULD BE A MULTIPLE OF 3
the oly multiple of 3 in the given options is 48. Hence, the ans is a. 48

2. A man travels 5km by train in a 30km/hr speed. Then he travels 10km from there by a bus. If his total travel time is 30mins, what is the speed of the bus in which he travelled?

a. 60km/hr b. 30km/hr c. 15km/hr d. 45km/hr

Soln. time = distance/speed.
=> travel time in train = 5/30 hrs = 1/6 hrs = 10 mins
total travel time = 30mins
=> travel time in bus = 30 - 10 = 20mins = 20/60 hr = 1/3 hr
=> speed of the bus = distance/time = 10/(1/3) = 30km/hr
The ans is b. 30 km/hr

3. Find the no. which comes in place for ? symbol 5, 8, 15, 24, 45, 72, ?

a. 75 b. 95 c. 135 d. 215

Soln. This is a combination of two series 5, 15, 45,.... and 8, 24, 72,....
The series 5, 15, 45,.. is the a *3 series. i.e., 5, 5*3, (5*3)*3,.....
So the no. in place for ? would be 45 * 3 = 135


4. Preethi: I love reading story books very much. When I'm absorbed by the story, I don't know what happens around me! I won't hear anythin when I am reading such books!!
Rani: If so, then how will you know if somebody calls you when you read the story books?
Which of the following could be Rani's assumptions?

a. Somebody will call Preethi when she's not reading story books
b. When Preethi reads books, she's disturbed by someone
c. Preethi knows that somebody calls her only if she hears their voice
d. Preethi is not reading story books always
Soln. I think the ans should be c.
5. Who first found the laptop? (I don't know the ans)
6. What's the binary equivalent of 256?

a. 1111 1100
b. 1111 1010
c. 1110 1000
d. none of these

Soln. 256 is 28. So it should be represented as 1 0000 0000 which is nowhere in the given

The ans is thus... d. none of these

(You can also convert 256 into binary using repeated L divisions by 2..)

7. What's the output of the following?
int i=-1,j=-1,k=1,l=2,m;
m = i++&&j++||k++&&l++;
printf("%d %d %d %d %d",i,j,k,l,m);

a. 0 0 1 3 1
b. 0 0 1 2 1
c. 0 0 2 3 1
d. none of these

Soln. && as well as || have the same priority. So the 2nd line in the given program will get
executed from left to right as the operators appear.
&& works like this:
a && b - if a is 0, the compiler will skip the right operand b, otherwise it checks the right
operand too.
|| works like this:
a || b - if a is 1, the compiler will skip the right operand b, otherwise it checks the right operand
So... i++&&j++ => -1&&-1 then i++, j++=> value of i=0, j=0
1||k++ => compiler skips k++&&l++ since left operand = 1, value of expression = 1 (i.e) k=1,l=2
thus, the ans is b. 0 0 1 2 1

2. Technical Interview:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • what is your project all about?
  • how many of you are doing this proj?
  • what is your role in this proj?
  • what are the data structures that u know?
  • difference between stack and queue?
  • what is circular queue? its advantage?
  • can u write a program to print this series? 2, 6, 8, 14, 22,....? 
  • suppose stdio.h gets corrupted. you can't use it in ur program. what would u do?
  • if u should write the program only in C.. wat would u do?
  • have u ever opened the file stdio.h?

3. HR Interview:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Tell me about Your family
  • Did u join this college thru merit quota?
  • Whats Your cut off in 12th standard?
  • Have yoy ever been ur department topper?

Few interview tips:

+ Keep smiling

+ the HRs are really very cool and friendly yaar! u can talk to them as u would talk to ur friend!!

+ be relaxed... be cool.. be calm

+ even if u don't kno the ans, jus try somethn

+ if u don't kno the ans, jus tel wat u think, and giv a smile... or say sorry sir/ma'am I don't kno
the ans! but I'm interested in knowing the ans... and they'l surely explain it to u

+ find ur weaknesses, and act in such a way that they won't find that weakness durin the
interview :)

+ u should prep an ans for "tel me abt urself", "ur strengths", "ur weaknesses", "why do u
choose this company", "why should I take u in my company?"

+ be confident that watever is asked, u can answer!
Once u clear the aptitude test, it'll be easy to manage the interviews provided u learnt C and whatever u have specified in your areas of interest! 

all the best guys!!

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