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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Most Frequently Asked WebFocus Interview Questions.


Most Frequently Asked WebFocus Interview Questions With Answers. Latest WebFocus Interview Questions. Webfocus Interview Questions With Answers.

1) Explain the Master file Approach of generating reports?
2) Explain the webfocus Architecture.
3) What are all the Types of Joins available in Webfocus?
4) How Right Outer Join can be implemented in Webfocus?
(Match Command)
5) What is segment, Root Segment in a master file?
6) What is HTML Painter? Report Painter...? Report Assistant?
7) What are Dialogue parameter variables?
8) How to execute a stored procedure in FEX code?
10) What is am Accordin Report, Cross Tab Report, Drill down
11) Is it possible to include input elements in a report output?
12) What is MRE?
13) While using master file to generate a report, it takes 5
minutes for you to fetch the output... What are all you have to
do to improve the performance?
14) What is Report Caster? What are the various options
available in Report Caster to deliver reports?
15) What are the different Kind of Mails that can be used to
deliver reports in Report Caster?
16) What is Report Bursting? Why is it used for?
17) What are the various scheduling Frequencies available in
Report Caster?
18) What is Error code you have faced to the most while
implementing FEX code?
19) Architecture of Developer Studio?
20) What are all the directories that are available while you
create a new project using dev studio?
21) What you have to do to get alternate row color on a Table
output using FEX?
22) What is the concept of Hold File Reuse? Advantages...
23) How webfocus is superior / worse compared to other
Reporting tools?
24) Explain the iWay flow of ETL?
25) What is an Active HTML Report?
26) What are kind of Charts / Graphs that can be generated
using webfocus?
27) What is a Compound Report?
28) What is a PDF Layout Painter, what for it is used for?
29) What’s that you can do to segregate the Common Style
information that is used across many reports?
30) How logging / Debugging can be done in

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