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Monday, July 18, 2016

Tech Mahindra Latest Placement Papers | English Paper.


Tech Mahindra Latest Placement Papers | English Paper. Latest Placement Papers 2017. Tech Mahindra Updated Placement Papers 2017. Tech Mahindra Fully Solved Placement Papers 2017.

Latest Tech Mahindra English Test Paper.

Choose the word among the four options which is the closest in meaning to the given word.

a) Nearly
b) Complete
c) Absolution
d) Absolutely

a) Ridiculous
b) Abstruse
c) Action
d) Plenty

Q3. Baneful

a) generous
b) kindly
c) ruinous
d) severity
e) superfluous

Q4. Prowess

a) understanding
b) keenness
c) eagerness
d) bravery

Q5. Vituperate

a) encourage
b) appraise
c) abuse
d) appreciate

Read the paragraph carefully and answer the questions below it.

That genetic engineering had the potential to turn evolution upside down and inside out was known to be theoretically possible. No one was prepared for it when it actually happened. When last week a British scientist reproduced a sheep from its mother through genetic cloning, the news was received all around the world with near-disbelief. In India too scientists reacted broadly in the manner of their western counterparts. In the Indian Institute of science at Bangalore where pioneering work on genetic engineering is under way, a senior scientist and chairman of the microbiology department Dr. K.P. Gopinathan described the cloning of “Dolly”, the British lamb as a fantastic achievement. But he cautioned that ethical questions would have to be convincingly answered before attempts are made to similarly clone human beings. Dr. Gopinathan himself has achieved considerable success in genetic engineering. His team is credited with having cloned the luminescence gene of the firefly onto a silkworm causing it to glow in the dark. His department is also at present working on a method to cultivate in a silkworm the gene that is responsible for the growth of an individual.

Q1. Genetic cloning

a) Has been accomplished by scientists
b) Is yet to be accomplished
c) Will soon be possible
d) Will always remain an impossible feat

Q2. The cloning of “Dolly”, the British lamb, has raised questions that are primarily

a) Curious
b) Ethical
c) Monetary
d) None of the above

Q3. Dr. K. P. Gopinathan, Chairperson of the microbiology department

a) Has condemned the cloning of Dolly
b) Remained indifferent of the cloning of Dolly
c) Hailed the cloning of Dolly
d) Was terrified at the feat of cloning Dolly

Q4. Dr. K. P. Gopinathan himself

a) Has achieved considerable success in genetic engineering
b) Has failed in his research in genetic engineering
c) Is contemplating research in genetic engineering
d) None of the above

General Questions:

1. The government should provide attractive tax ___________ to create the market of quality goods.

a) revenues
b) structures
c) resources
d) incentives
e) controls

2. Discontented wives, dejected lovers, frustrated politicians, all these tend to be ______________.

a) specious
b) abstemious

3. Are you ________ that he has been lying to me.

a) inferring 
b) implying

4. In the following questions, which of the following pair of letters is different from the other three?

1. a) LT - HF b) IN - VA c) ZE - XM d) RB - SC

2. a) VWX - OCU b) IFH - SGQ c) LAN - BDR d) EJP - ZTY

5. You must listen _______ the question first.

a. at
b. none
c. over
d. to
e. for

6. The girl ran ______ the field. For more papers visit
a. In
b. On
c. Over
d. None
e. At

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